Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aid To Artisans

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By a slim 217-215 margin, the House of Representatives early this past Friday morning passed the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 (H.R. 4241), the $50 billion budget reconciliation bill, in an effort to curtail spending in the wake of expenses due to Hurricane Katrina. The bill includes cuts to Medicaid, food stamps and the like, with the largest pinch to be felt by students, with $14.3 billion in cuts in federal student loan programs.

Maketick Foundation will provide a unique platform to the artisan groups and aspiring entrepreneurs to come up and appeal for loans to the lenders all over the world. Enabling micro-loans, Maketick Foundation will try to ensure that all the groups of this kind can move towards economic independence. Maketick Foundation is associated with some of the microfinance organizations which will help Maketick Foundation to connect underprivileged artisan groups with the prospective lenders world wide. Maketick Foundation would provide a platform to feature those business and artisan groups which are in real need of money so that people can realize the cause and help them. All the transactions and proceedings would be kept transparent for the benefit of the lenders.

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We have gathered a lot of support from non-profit support management organizations working in the San Francisco Bay Area. These organizations provide adequate information, services, products, training and opportunities to connect with peers and potential supporters. We are planning to extend our network to other areas and build up new directories with the existing one. Please support us with more information and post your suggestions. Help us grow.

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We have gone through a detailed research of websites which can be immensely useful to you if you are planning to start a non-profit organization. We are providing you names of few websites that would help you to plan, manage and arrange funding for your organization...
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Environmental non-profit resources

Maketick Foundation supports and encourages environment friendly initiatives. Maketick Foundation promotes and markets a wide range of handicraft products, which are environment friendly. There are millions of artisans living in major parts of India and its neighboring sub-continents who make handicraft items out of recyclable materials. This includes a varied range of decorative items, handloom products, gift items, earthenware, drapes and wraps and a lot more. Maketick Foundation acts as a platform for showcasing the products of these artisans. We moreover act as a catalyst linking businesses and these artisans.

According to Luke Swarthout, higher education associate at State PIRGs’ Higher Education Project in Washington, DC, “The Congressional Budget Office found that $7.8 billion of that will come from new charges, higher interest rates and increased taxes and fees on student and parent borrowers. A serious chunk.”

In an article titled “House OKs $14 billion in student aid cuts” that appeared Nov. 18, 2005 at the Portland State University Vanguard Web site, Matt Petrie wrote, “The budget bill would reverse a previous law capping the interest rates for student loans at 6.8 percent, increasing the cap to 8.25 percent. It would also increase the cap on parent loans from 7.9 percent to 9 percent. For a graduating college student with the average debt load of $17,500, the changes would increase the cost of paying off loans by $5,800 in interest and fees.”

The bill would include an increase on student loan taxes and consolidation loan interest rates. It would “reduce subsidies paid to student lenders, totaling $20.5 billion in cuts over a 10-year period, according to estimates by the Congressional Budget Office,”